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Fairs of Ratafia

Ratafia Russet collaborates and participates in all fairs and festivals of ratafia. Every year and from its first edition, our firm has attended at the Fair of the city of Santa Coloma de Farners, not only like an exhibitor, but as jury membership too. At our factory, we have recovered and elaborated ratafia, following the magisterial preparations of Francesc Rosquellas.

Ratafia Russet has maintained relation at the beginning, with the Fair of Besalú as a membership of the jury, and checking the wholesale manufacture of the winners of the contest, and caring for the macerations and packaging.

Anyway, Ratafia Russet has been membership of the juries in the villages of Anglès and Centelles, where contests and festivals around ratafia take place, too.


Our collaboration in festivals, contests o fairs, it’s not a simple presence only, to act as a membership in the jury or to control several themes around ratafia manufacture, but, our sense of duty goes further on. We take part in popularizations of ratafia, making workshops and offering conferences.

No doubt, the most important collaboration of Ratafia Russet in festivals around the ratafia, is the award “Ratafia Russet” for musical composition to the instrument “Sac de gemecs” (Whine’s bag), that call it in the acts of the “International Festival of the Cornamusam” at the city of Olot, and it’s thought out to stimulate the creativity to increase new repertory for this instrument.

The “Cornamusam” take place in July, and it’s organized for the “Associació de Cultura Popular de la Garrotxa, El Til.ler” (Popular Culture Association of Garrotxa, “El Til.ler”). Many events are planned, there are concerts and performances of traditional music groups from many countries and a joyful and lively march with the popular “Cabreta” (Little goat), mascot of the instrument, made with leather, who brightens up the festival with several dances.

The contest of compositions for “Sac de gemecs” it’s open to all composers, as much nationals as foreign, when the participants can compete with a maximum of two pieces. Pieces must be unpublished, written for “Sac de gemecs” and to agree with the contest basis.

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