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Since 1903, Ratafia Russet, today managed for the forth family generation, continue elaborating ratafia as home-made process, following the traditional methods, improving the processes of maceration, growing old and filtration, trying to optimize the collection and handling of the aromatic plants and the tender green nuts, that compose the prestigious prescription.

The green nuts, essential ingredients to elaborate the drink, come from, aside our walnut trees, “Mas Bassols de la Cot”, “Ca n’Illa” of Sant Jaume de Llierca and “Can Mistos” at Montagut village.

In the elaboration of our liqueur, we follow step by step, the classical home-made process, with appropriate equipment to large quantities, as stainless steel tanks, mixers, pumps, filters and  wood barrels to growing old the ratafia.

Our endeavour and aim is to get the perfect aroma extraction from the aromatic herbs and green nuts, keeps its particular oily density and liqueur bouquet, and to guarantee, at the end, the maximum quality from our products.

Nowadays, “Ratafia Russet” has managed to get some dimensions and ideal poise, that allow to face up, a certain increase production, always keeping a family flow chart; an aspect we never want to give up, because has been and is, the base of our enterprise structure and organization. We want to keep going, but without substantial changes, improving the elaboration processes, as much as we can. It’s a satisfaction for us, to know that in the market of the ratafia, we are one of the leader brands.

The concept of family enterprise organization is an aspect that we want to keep, because it’s something implicit to the popular product, like is the ratafia. At the same time, we want to underline its origin from the region of “Garrotxa”, therefore Catalan, with its special character: Ratafia of green nuts.


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